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Water Mains

Jersey City Water Main Service
Jersey City Water Main Service

E & V Dirt Works provides Jersey City Water Main, Water, and Sewer Lateral Service. We serve Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne & Hudson County NJ areas.

Many old water pipes are made of lead and have no curb shut-off valves. Lead pipes can contaminate your water, so we will not repair lead lines. Changing from lead to copper pipes is highly recommended in order to keep your water clean and lead-free, and this is something we do at E & V Dirt Works.

Our Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne & Hudson County NJ area Water Mains services include installing a new saddle and wet tap on the main, installing new copper service from the main to the meter inside the building, installing a new shut off at the curb, and replacing meter couplings and valves on both sides of the meter.

We only use ductile iron pipe. Fire lines or larger buildings require 4" and up in ductile iron pipe. We install stainless steel tapping sleeves or ductile iron tapping sleeves depending on the municipality. Sometimes a sleeve cannot be used and we have to cut a tee in the main. Mega lug restraints are used to join the pipes and turns; this eliminates the use of thrust blocks and rodding the pipe. Once the pipe is installed, then we hydro test and chlorinate the lines.

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